Digital Minds Conference | Hybrid and Author-Publishers (VIDEO)

The London Book Fair organisers have made much of the Digital Minds Conference sessions available on their YouTube channel. I’ve selected one of my highlight sessions on Hybrid and Author-Publishing, featuring Director of Author & Publisher relations at Amazon, Jon Fine, and indie and hybrid best-selling author, Hugh Howey, and Orna Ross, indie author, founder and Director […]

Content Marketing Tips for The Publishing Industry – Jessica Davis | Guest Post

This is the era of digital marketing and among the different types of online marketing, content marketing reigns supreme. Along with social media marketing, content marketing has worked brilliantly to produce excellent results for companies both big and small. Content marketing is much subtler than other forms of marketing and is considered more trustworthy by […]

Blurb Add Amazon Distribution, ISBN Allocation and New Offline Design Software

DIY self-publishing platform Blurb has finally added additional distribution to its offering for authors publishing a book using its online tools. The announcement today also includes ISBN allocation and the introduction of BookWright, a software tool enabling authors to design and publish print and e-books from the same file, at the same time, all in […]

Self-Publishing Round Table | Transitioning From Traditional to Self-Publishing

The Self-Publishing Roundtable started out as a joke between five strangers on Twitter. It’s one of a few excellent video podcast resources along with Self-Publishing Podcast 101 and a must-visit point for independent authors exploring the world of self-publishing, whether you are a seasoned author or on the first step of your writing journey. We enjoyed commenting […]

Warning About Using For Kindle Promotion

There are growing concerns in the author-publishing community about the operation, activities and claims made by over the past month. The website was registered and set-up in December 2013 and offers authors and small publishers the opportunity to “offer your Kindle Books to our 635,148 hungry readers, and get up to 24,350+ free downloads or […]