Self-Publishing Conference UK – Notes From Douglas Burcham | Guest Post

Authors Douglas Burcham shares some short notes on this year’s UK Self-Publishing Conference held in Leicester on March, 30th 2014. Although not a current user of Troubador Publishing I attended their second Self Publishing Conference UK yesterday having enjoyed and benefitted from my attendance last year.  The other attendees seemed to be having a good […]

Lulu Expands Distribution to Kindle and Kobo Stores

Lulu has announced that it has added e-book distribution to Amazon Kindle and Kobo e-book store in an expanded partnership deal with Ingram Content Group. Lulu’s publishing and distribution systems will now integrate with Ingram’s digital management system, CoreSource. From the press release: RALEIGH, NC–(Marketwired – March 20, 2014) – Lulu, the pioneer in independent publishing, today […]

Hillcrest Media Group: Publishing Engines For The Future (Overview)

One of the biggest challenges facing publishers in the industry is shifting their role and identity from operating as curators and gatekeepers of literature to being providers of content and technologists. Publishers have pretty much steered the ship on a steady and established path over the past hundred years, but the emergence of digital technology […]

When your publisher looks for charity — it’s time to bail out!

Some four years ago (January 2010) I posted this very short piece about Vermont-based independent publisher, Norilana Books. I pointed out that using a publicly assessable blog wasn’t the most professional way for a publisher to inform authors that royalty payments would be late. A close reading of the linked blog post and sentiment expressed […]

Self-Publishing and Community Experts: Are We Getting The Balance Right?

My two most recent articles on TIPM dealt with a perceived hierarchical structure in self-publishing exacerbated by publishing experts pushing a very distinct interpretation of what good self-publishing is. I also questioned just who is really in charge of self-publishing and what their motivations are for the good of all authors. While it’s therapeutic for […]