Driving toward the Maass of Shit Volcano and dealing with it

When I was writing a recent article for TIPM about an emerging hierarchy I perceive in self-publishing between savvy and entrepreneurial authors and those authors who perhaps approach self-publishing for fun and pleasure (you can read the article here), I wanted to explore a number of other issues on my mind, but I felt it […]

University of Lancashire Launches MA Course in Self-Publishing

The University of Central Lancashire UK(UCLAN) will launch a master’s degree course in self-publishing in September this year for both full and part time students (1-2 years). There are similar courses like this in the USA without the degree,but this certainly looks to be the first of its kind in the UK. The UCLAN website […]

Is self-publishing creating a hierarchical community for its authors?

Ben Dunne is an Irish entrepreneur and business tycoon and he has a slogan to encapsulate his business philosophy. It’s a philosophy and marketing approach I’m seeing more and more from self-published authors. The slogan used by Dunne across many of his business ventures was actually originally attributed to Jack Cohen, founder of Tesco, a […]