Publishing Service Index: February 2014

This is the PUBLISHING SERVICE INDEX for FEBRUARY 2014 and the first one for this year. This update reflects some review updates and author feedback since Christmas. Several companies no longer operating have been dropped from the index. Smashwords makes a second appearance since our review late last year and has risen one place to 3rd. […]

The People’s Book Prize: All Authors Are People!

Self-publishing as a valid route to book publication may have shaken off much of its stigma and negative connotations in recent years with more authors achieving success, but not all doors have been unlocked and opened wide. While self-published and indie authors can tap into the same professional gene-pool of editors, designers, translators, printers, distributors […]

Story Surgeon: Serious App for Readers or Moral Maze? (Updated)

If you have been following publishing blogs and digital technology websites over the past few days, then you may have read about a proposed software application for the iPad called Story Surgeon. It’s the brainchild of Ryan Hancock, a writer and app creator, and a little over a week ago Hancock launched a Kickstarter project […]

EXCLUSIVE: Lawsuit Filed Against Vantage Press and Former Owner

Regular readers of TIPM will be aware that we have been following the developments of Vantage Press and its authors since the US-based publishing service company first announced a suspension of business and then ultimately ceased all business operations in December 2012, when it communicated its closure to creditors. Throughout much of 2013, TIPM consistently heard […]

Pubslush: Crowdfunding for Authors | Webinar

Crowdfunding for self-published authors is becoming a serious option in the past year with platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Pubslush is another platform you may not be aware of. In the below webinar CEO Kelsye Nelson talks to Amanda Barbara, vice-president of Pubslush.  Included in the webinar: What is crowdfunding is and how it […]

The Fine Print of Self-Publishing (Fifth Edition) by Mark Levine | Book Review

The Fine Print of Self-Publishing A Primer on Contracts, Printing Costs, Royalties, Distribution, E-Books, and Marketing By Mark Levine (Bascom Hill Publishing) Paperback (268 pages), $16.95 eBook (PDF, ePub & MOBI), $9.99 Buy Direct (Limited 50% off promotion) Amazon Since 2004, Mark Levine, author of several editions of The Fine Print of Self-Publishing, has been […]

Guest Post: Marketing Your Book Using Vine: A Self-Publisher’s Guide | Jeremy Hess

As more and more people connect to the information superhighway, it’s becoming both easier and harder than ever to reach potential customers. The seemingly always accelerating pace of the web-connected life has been driving down the average attention span for years, leaving the producers of all manner of products an ever shrinking window of opportunity […]