TIPM Best of 2013: Self-Publishing is Dead – Long Live the Spirit of Self-Publishing!

TIPM is currently on a break for the holiday season and this is a repost from our Best of 2013 articles. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers and subscribers for their continued support over the past year. We hope you have a prosperous holiday season and enjoy the time […]

Smashwords Annouce Revamp and Scribd Subscription and Distribution Agreement

Smashwords unveiled a complete website revamp and a new distribution partner yesterday.   The e-book publishing platform and distributor has signed an agreement with Scribd, a web-based subscription and free service host for books and documents. The full details of the press release can be found below, and Smashwords founder Mark Coker expands more on the […]

Raider Publishing Strikes Back!

Raider Publishing International appears to have begun a new charm offensive against its online critics and disgruntled authors over the past couple of months. We’ve chronicled Raider over the past few years from its inception as a promising and innovative publishing service for authors, through to its descent into overexpansion, puff and pastry, and poor reputation in the self-publishing […]

The Independent Publishing Magazine – Tour Intro

Mick Rooney – Publishing Consultant If you found this review or article helpful, but you’re still looking for a suitable self-publishing provider to fit your needs as an author, then I’m sure I can help. As a publishing consultant and editor of this magazine, I’ve reviewed and examined in detail more than 150 providers throughout […]

Books don’t just happen, someone has to take a risk | Herald Scotland

I came across a fascinating piece by Ian Bell in yesterday’s Herald Scotland. Bell bids a farewell to Mainstream Publishing, a Scottish publishing house founded by Bill Campbell and Peter Mackenzie in 1978. Their lives have gone into the imprint, good times and bad. Now and then the triumph was just to survive in a […]