Wattpad Launches its Crowdfunding Program For Authors

Wattpad, one of the leading writing communities with traffic of 16 million visitors every month, has announced the launch of a Kickstarter-style fan-funding program for self-published authors. While Wattpad makes much play on this new crowdfunding option as an original for its writing community, it certainly is not the first, even as a dedicated program for […]

The Rise of Self-Publishing and the Hybrid Author | LBF 2013

From Digital Minds Conference day at this year’s London Book Fair, 2013.  The Rise of Self-Publishing and the Hybrid Author   Featuring: Chairman: John Bond (Whitefox)   Guest Speakers: Mark Coker (Smashwords), Sophie Rochester (The Literary Platforms), author Steena Holmes and Mark Lefebvre (Kobo) The Independent Publishing Magazine | TIPM Media

15 Things Traditional Publishers Might Say To Each Other About Self-Publishing Service Providers

1.  “Look, we’ve nothing to worry about. They’re all just glorified printers and author mills. We’re the real cultivators and promoters of literature.”   2.  “I mean, it’s easy to make money if you just sell services to authors and not their books.”   3.  “Martha, it’s like I said about e-books years ago. Those service […]