FastPencil – Reviewed

FastPencil is a California-based publishing service and writing community for authors and publishers. The company was founded by Steve Wilson and Michael Ashley in 2007 and it was purchased in 2013 by the Courier Corporation, an innovative US book manufacturer and content management provider. (Update, May 2015 – Wilson bought the company back off Courier.) […]

Salt Publishing Ends Single-Author Poetry Collections Following Market Value Decline

One of the UK’s most vibrant and independent poetry and fiction publishers, Salt Publishing, has this week announced that it is abandoning its single-author poetry collections. Director of Salt Publishing, Chris Hamilton-Emery, explained the decision to the Guardian UK online: “We’ve seen our sales [of single-author collections] decline by over a quarter in the past […]

Lulu Partner with BookLamp to Launch Helix Data Analysis Service at BEA

DIY self-publishing platform Lulu will use this week’s Book Expo America trade show to formally announce details of a new book data analysis engine (Helix) that will allow its authors extract statistical data on genres and themes from the content of their books. BookLamp originally developed their book data analysis engine several years ago with the intention that it would […]

10 People Who Helped Shape The Future of Modern Publishing

This is by no means a complete list, but the ten people below have helped shape the future of modern publishing. Some may have played an active part in the construction and dialogue of where publishing is moving, others may have been completely unaware of the significance their role has played. JONATHAN CLIFFORD Consumer activist […]

Bowker Finally Names and Launches Self-Publishing Service Portal

Over the past year Bowker has been expanding its array of self-publishing services for authors and yesterday marked its full entry into the self-publishing service provider market with the launch of Bowker is widely known to US-based self-published authors as the place to go to purchase a block of ISBN’s (it is the official ISBN Agency […]

Patchett Rallies Author Troops to Get Involved With Health of The Publishing Industry

Every so often authors immersed in the traditional world of publishing pop their heads above the precipice and make grandiose statements about independent publishing, the retail book trade, and, in particular, self-publishing and self-published authors. Garrison Keillor tried it prior to Book Expo 2010 with an article for the New York Times, and last summer […]

Guest Post: Appearances Can Be Deceptive – Vincent Flannery

The word appearance has two meanings: one literally means to appear; the other describes what something looks like. Let’s talk about the first meaning, which is the first thing a writer thinks about: how am I going to get this book to readers?Most writers will have gone through the arduous task of sending work out […]