Best of 2012 TIPM: The Future of Publishing 2020: Translation and Publishing in the 21st Century

This is our best of 2012 TIPM articles. Have a great New Year…In my last article on TIPM, I talked about how digitalization and The Self-Publishing Honeypot has helped transform publishers from the role of curator and educator to one of facilitator and provider. The transformation is far from complete, and many within the industry—in […]

Best of 2012 TIPM: CreateSpace, Smashwords and Author Solutions Dominate Self-Publishing Market | Bowker

Repost 2012 … Bowker Press Release: [Editor’s Note:  Bowker annually release figures and reports like the one referred to in the press release below, however it should be noted that Bowker only rely on titles with an ISBN, and given that Amazon KDP lists over 200k self-published titles and Smashwords lists 60k titles for 2011 (against Bowker’s […]

Vantage Press Confirm ‘Suspension’ of Operations Pending Reorganization, Sale or Liquidation

Following our piece on Friday, TIPM has now had formal confirmation that Vantage Press has ‘suspended’ operations. TIPM is also in possession of the names of at least thirteen former staff and freelance workers who departed the company over the past nine months. In a brief email communication to one Vantage Press author two weeks ago, David Lamb, president and owner […]