In The Self-Publishing Kingdom, The One-Eyed Writer is King

Sue Grafton (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Okay, so Sue Grafton said self-publishing was for writers too lazy to do the hard work. I’m not so sure what all the fuss is about. Sure, Grafton should have chosen her words more carefully, but, as the self-publishing fraternity dust themselves off after the latest scuffle, they might note […]


This is the PUBLISHING SERVICE INDEX for August 2012. This edition reflects several new review updates as well as new arrivals Book Country and Pumbo. The top ten sees no change with the top three places, despite LSI’s improved colour book program, but BookLocker and Pen Press return. Lulu continues the trend this year of slipping down the […]

Guest Post: Online Publishing with a Twist | Amanda Meuwissen of BigWorldNetwork

Combining ebooks, audiobooks and eventual paperbacks in episodic eSeries, may be the new television for books. Guest poster and Managing Editor at BWN, Amanda Meuwissen explains: is The eSeries Network, a new kind of publisher offering serialized online publication of fiction and non-fiction, audio versions of all eSeries episodes, and eventual compilations to […]

Who Needs Poorly Written Huffington Post Articles?

Published! (Photo credit: patries71) This article appeared a couple of days ago on The Huffington Post entitled, Who Needs Publishers and Bookstores? Writers, Readers & Everyone Else. Sometimes you just can’t let an article go without pointing out the horrors it tries to perpetrate. Thanks to The Passive Voice for plumbing from the depths where it […]

Is The Photobook The New Self-Publishing Phenomenon?

44.4thFotoWeekDC.Central.18L.NW.WDC.5November2011 (Photo credit: Elvert Barnes) This morning the Independent UK has a piece entitled, Do we still have a thirst for coffee table books? written by Tim Walker. The piece looks at the continued success of the Quarto publishing group, famous for its large-format, illustrated titles and coffee table books. Walker’s piece even goes as […]