Publishing Horizons: An Overview of Independent Publishing in the Netherlands

Mijnbestseller (My Bestseller) could be called the Dutch Lulu, with no upfront costs and 50% profits, and with a Lulu-like user dashboard, community and book reviews are at the forefront of Mijnbestseller’s program. What is striking on their main webpage is the request for book reviewers as much as authors looking to circumvent the traditional channels […]

CreateMyBook (ShopMyBook) – Reviewed (Updated, April 2018)

  We previously reviewed Unibook here on TIPM. This publishing service has since changed its trading name to ShopMyBook, which has become its online bookstore. CreateMyBook is now its self-publishing platform. The company is owned by Peleman Industries, a manufacturer of binding, laminating and presentation products for nearly seventy years. Unibook, formerly known as WWAOW, had […] at LBF 2012 | Printers Are Not Publishing Services

A few years ago TIPM did do a full review of (owned by PrintonDemand Worldwide)and I later withdrew the review from the magazine for reasons explained here. So it was interesting when I learned a few months ago PrintonDemand would be a primary sponsor of the event. I should add that the PrintonDemand booth […]

Independent Publishing: The Game Has Changed But The Values Have Not

About five years ago I was asked to give an address to a writers’ workshop in the west of Ireland about my experiences as an author and the world of self-publishing. I’d self-published five books at that stage through my own imprint and Facebook was an incidental college social experiment by the boy Zukerberg. A […]

Pottermore Is No Template For Independent Authors

Jon Evans wrote an interesting piece on TechCrunch this week entitled –Voldemortis Got Nothing On Jeff Bezos. In the article, Evan’s argues that authors – certainly big name authors like J. K. Rowling – have both wealth and resources to circumvent the ‘Big 6’ and Amazon to reach readers. More to the point, wealth and resources bring with it professional […]