Callio Press (BookForce UK/Discovered Authors) – Reviewed (Updated May 2011)

0 Discovered Authors (now Callio Press) is a UK publisher and provider of author solutions services since 2005. I have been aware of them for the past three to four years. The company was one of the earliest UK author solution services I took a look at, but consistently, I have had to put off reviewing […]

The Authors Guild Enters the Ring on Wylie Agency

The US Authors Guild has responded for the first time on the moves by the Wylie Agency to launch a digital publishing imprint and strike an exclusive deal with Amazon. In the statement released this morning, The Authors Guild say that publishers have brought the current situation on themselves and are ‘governed by old publishing […]

HarperCollins CEO Condemns Wylie Agency

The Bookseller is reporting this morning that HarperCollins is the latest large publishing house to voice its opposition to moves by the Wylie Agency to lauch a digital publishing imprint. The Bookseller piece quotes HarperCollins CEO, Victoria Barnsley: “HC will vigorously protect its rights and our authors’ interests by ensuring their work gets to the broadest possible audience. […]