Marcus’ Books Return To Amazon Listings

The books of self-published author Michael N. Marcus, currently the victim of a sustained smear on the internet, are available again for sale on Amazon. Yesterday the author’s books became unavailable for purchase fueling suspicions the internet retailer had removed the books from purchase due to online alegations on a series of websites. This morning Amazon was exonerated of […]

Amazon Jump on Bandwagon and Remove Self-Published Author’s Books and Profile

When Amazon removed the books and Author Central Page of writer and self-publisher, Michael N. Marcus, they jumped on a misguided bandwagon that has gathered some steam over the weekend. As Amazon has provided—as yet—no reason why they removed the author’s books, we can only assume they are protecting their corporate needs and do not […]

PublishAmerica Discontinues Trade Paperback Books (UPDATE)

PublishAmerica (PBA 139.58) authors have been informed by email that the company is discontinuing trade paperback editions and books will only be available in hardback editions. It is a bizzare and troubling turn of events for its listed authors. As things stand with PublishAmerica, paperback retail prices are already considered excessive, and this latest development, if it is […]

When Booksellers Become Small Presses

What would happen if local bookstores decided to become small press publishers? Well, according to today’s Publishers Weekly article, New Indie Bookselling Model: Publish Own Handselling Favorites, it is already happening. The article looks at the moves by two bookstore owners in Albany New York and Massachusetts using both print on demand and offset to […]

iUniverse Launch Book Placement and Signing Packages

iUniverse (IUV 232.56)  has introduced two new publishing packages offering in-store book placement and in-store book-signing ($3999) in a partnership with Canadian book retailer Indigo. The in-store book placement program ($2999) is similar to the one sister company AuthorHouse (AUH 222.38) has with retailers Borders and Waterstones. From today’s press release: BLOOMINGTON, IN, June 28, 2010 […] Launch Dedicated Online Retail Bookstore For Authors and Publishers

A new online retailer has launched dedicated to books from and about Northern Ireland and also books written by Northern Irish writers. was born out of Colourpoint Books, a Northern Ireland local publisher founded in 1993 by Sheila and Norman Johnston. The Johnsons also founded April Sky Design in 2002, a company offering self-publishing […]

Fulmer and The Blind Book Translator of Paris

Back in February of this year, we took a look at Five Stones Press as part of our series of Publishing Innovators. Mystery novelist David Fulmer from Atlanta Georgia, with the support of two business friends, launched his small independent press with its unique business model of fan-base supportive publishing. “Fulmer decided if he was […]