Macmillan US Announce Enhanced Ebook Editions For 2010

Macmillan US will commence selling enhanced ebook editions of what the publisher expects to become bestsellers. The limited editions will appear from 2010 and will include enhanced features like author profiles, interviews and reader guides. They will sell for a slightly higher price than the inital hardcover version but will be available simultaneously. The enhanced […]

When Is a Book Not a Book?

They say seeing is believing. It’s just that our instinct is also to check once, check twice, before we truly accept what we see before us. They say a millionaire passes at least one dollar bill dropped on the street every day. A pauper never misses one. Why? Because the pauper is always looking for […]

Real Deal Podcast – Self Publishing

Here is a podcast from CNET Real Deal, presented by Tom Merritt and Rafe Needleman about self-publishing. They discuss Lulu, CreateSpace, Blurb, Booksurge, marketing self-published books as well as publishing in general. Tom Merritt appears on CNET TV and loves to dive into technology and help consumers fight fear, uncertainty, and doubt with technology. See […]