The Write Lines: BBC Radio Oxford

Came across this BBC Radio Oxford program called The Write Lines via Jane Smith’s excellent, How Publishing Really Works. It is presented by the BBC’s Sue Cook and focuses on writing, publishing (commercial and self-publishing) and literary agents. The program runs for four episodes and broadcasts on Sundays, 9pm to 10pm and features many established industry experts. […]

DellArte Press (Harlequin Paid-Publishing) – Reviewed [CLOSED]

In future months, that is—beyond November 2009—authors who drop by the DellArte Press site will probably be oblivious of the furore which occurred when romance publisher Harlequin decided to sign up with Author Solutions and utilise them to development a paid-publishing services. Harlequin is not the first, nor will they be the last. Author Solutions already […]

Harlequin Rebrand Paid-Publishing Imprint To Reveal DellArte Press – Ta-dah!

Harlequin has changed the name of its paid-publishing imprint Harlequin Horizons. The imprint, which is pretty much being run in its entirity by Author Solutions will now be know as DellArte Press – very art-nouveau! From their website… “DellArte Press is a publishing company that offers aspiring romance writers the opportunity to self-publish their work […]