Self-Publishing Book Expo: New York, Saturday, November 7th

The much anticipated Self-Publishing Book Expo in New York’s Sheraton Hotel is just a week away, taking place on Saturday, November 7th. The organizers of the event have managed to put together a very impressive array of speakers and panelists from the world of self-publishing services, independent presses, distributors, printers and self-published authors. The highlight […]

Google Books Settlement: Make Haste At Your Peril – Objectors

Judge Denny Chin, presiding over the Google Books Settlement case, has again been requested by opponents to ensure they are given ‘sufficient time to study and comment on any amended settlement agreement’ and that there are no limits on any objections. The call came from Yahoo and Microsoft, two of the most significant corporate objectors […]

ABA Make a Stand on Independent Booksellers & Hardback Books

The Department of Justice in the US—whether it is their wish or not—has become extremely acquainted with the book publishing world in the last year. The Google Book Agreement was recently kicked into touch following their comments and intervention last month, and now, the American Booksellers Association has requested the Department of Justice to investigate […]

POD TV – Program 17: Frankfurt Book Fair, 2009 – Andrew Savikas, VP for Digital Initiatives at O’Reilly Media

Vice President at O’Reilly Media, Andrew Savikas, gave an interview ahead of Tuesday’s Tools of Change Conference at the Frankfurt Book Fair, 2009. He discusses how digital media is changing modern publishing as well as everyday life and the arrival of e-books and e-readers. The Independent Publishing Magazine | TIPM Media

Barnes & Noble Look To ‘Nook’ The E-Reader Competition

Barnes & Noble will announce the launch of their own e-reader later today at a press conference in Manhattan. The e-reader will be called the Nook. Don’t ask; perhaps Barnes & Noble executives will reveal the reasons why they chose such an odd name for the device. The e-reader will feature colour touch-screen controls, which can […]

McCrum On Originality In Publishing Today

“How can good new writers be published when the industry is ruled by people who aren’t interested in originality?” This is the question posed by Robert McCrum in an article entitled, Stop the bean-counters ruling the fiction roost on the this morning. He recounts a personal tale of a new author’s attempts to place […]