Cold Tree Publishing – R.I.P. (Reflection & Celebration)

Cold Tree Press was one of the earliest American POD publishers starting out way back in 2001. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, they were guided by the commitment of its entrepreneurial owner and president, Peter Honsberger. Cold Tree Press emerged into a changing world of publishing and quickly developed a reputation for nurturing new writers and […]

Fail Again – Fail Better: Guardian UK Article

Robert McCrum takes his sharp insight and wit to publishing blunder rejections of celebrated literature over the years in Sunday’s Guardian UK newspaper article. For authors currently in the rounds of submission/rejection, submission/rejection, ad nausea, you might be heartened to know about the following remarks and observations on book classics which sit happily and comfortably […]

Smashwords Announce Barnes & Noble Distribution For Premium Catalog Ebooks

Smashwords have just announced an expansion in their ebook distribution network with online retailer Barnes & Noble. Ebooks included in Smashwords ‘Premium Catalog’ will be made available for listing and sale from the giant online retailer. This will come as a huge bonus to self-published authors who have signed up to Smashwords. authors should be […]

Amazon – Booksurge Antitrust Lawsuit: Motion to Dismiss Refused

Chief U.S. District Judge John Woodcock Jr. has refused’s motion to dismiss’s Antitrust Lawsuit against them. The lawsuit stems from actions and communications by Amazon early last year to instruct some publishers using print-on-demand digital printing to use Amazon’s own printer, Booksurge. You can read the official court documents on Judge Woodcock Jr’s […]