Five Steps to Self Publishing – Guest Author – Gang Chen

The following is a contributed article by self publishing author Gang Chen. He is the internationally acclaimed author of “LEED AP Exam Guide” and “Planting Design Illustrated and has written for The Los Angeles Times and The Orange County Register. The opinions and conclusions in this article are those of the author. Clearly, Gang Chen […]

Best Practices in POD Publishing – Writersweekly

Angela Hoy over at Writersweekly has posted an excellent article on ‘Best Practices’ for POD publishers and companies offering author solution services. I have touched on a lot of these best practices here, but Angela has a lot more too, particularly on the issue of royalties. Here is the link to that article: Also, my […]

Adventures with Blurb, Part 1-(I’m Eileen Gittins—who the hell are you?)

She is bright, a successful business woman, having worked across the globe with Kodak and Vice President at Wall Data as well as Board Director at Qbiquity and Popular Demand. She studied photography in her younger days and is founder and CEO of, an on line self-publishing solutions company for photographers and authors alike. […]

Trafford Publishing – Reviewed

“Success in PublishingA dream of publishing a book as you envision it can never become a reality unless you find a company that believes in making dreams come true.” Trafford Publishing is one of the largest author solution service companies in the world using print-on-demand digital print technology. They are a Canadian company but […]