York Publishing Services (YPS) – Reviewed

http://www.yps-publishing.co.uk/ Amazon Titles – Not valid as company provides true bespoke services I came across York Publishing Services in the ‘Writers & Artists Yearbook 2009’ which I got a hold of in January. No matter how much research you do in this business, week by week, you are always uncovering something or someone you never […]

Publishing Basics Magazine – Change or Be Damned Article

Publishing Basics is a monthly magazine which I subscribe to. It is owned and run by publishing guru Ron Pramschufer who also owns RJ Communications. In this month’s edition I have an article which was published on this site last year entitled ‘Publishing Industry – Change or Be Damned’. mickrooney.blogspot.com/2008/10/publishing-industry-change-or-be-damned.html You can get a free […]

AuthorHouse USA – Reviewed (Updated, March 2010)

http://www.authorhouse.comhttp://www.authorhouse.co.uk USA & UK based Amazon.com titles – 42,000Amazon.co.uk titles– 49,700 Standard Package starts at $599++ AuthorHouse have been providing self publishing services for authors for many years. They remain one of the heavy-hitters of the self publishing industry, are owned by Author Solutions, who also own iUniverse, and have the largest slice of self […]