Lulu UK Sheds 24 Jobs

The credit crunch continues to bite deeper with news from New Media Age that Lulu are to make 24 workers redundant from their uk offices. That represents a 25% reduction in staff, including Cristel Lee Leed, European Vice President, and six other senior employees. You can read the full New Media Age article at the […]

Amazon Finally Moves on UK Print on Demand Market

It looks like Amazon has finally made their move on the UK market for books published by digital print-on-demand technology. This very much follows what Amazon has done in the United States in conjunction with their own printer Booksurge. At the moment, there is already a court action in process by US POD publisher Booklocker […]

The Fine Print of Self Publishing (Third Edition) by Mark Levine

About two years ago when I started researching self publishing and subsidy publishers, I came across an interview by Ron Pramschufer with a lawyer called Mark Levine on Global Talk Radio. I think this must have coincided with Levine’s first edition of ‘The Fine Print of Self-Publishing’. I was fascinated at the time that someone […]

Publishing Industry – Change or be Damned?

Over the past month, there has been considerable debate about the current state and future of the publishing industry across the internet on writer’s forums and blogsites. Some of the discussion was sparked by Boris Kachka’s recent article in the New York Magazine. A lot of the criticism of Kachka’s article seems to centre on […]