Amazon/Booksurge – Washington State Attorney General-Update

As a follow up to the previous post on the initial statement issued by Washington Attorney General’s office, it would seem some conclusions have been reached. Here is the link to the original posting from last week. The Attorney General say they have looked at the current circumstances surrounding Amazon’s moves to make POD […]

Adventures with Lulu

In my previous article posting below, I discussed the reasons why I chose Lulu to publish my book, Academy. In this article, I would like to discuss and record what I discovered at Lulu. initially, Lulu’s homepage, with its bright orange graphics, strikes the visitor as casual and unassuming. ‘Publish’, ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ banners […]

Adventures with POD Publishing

As many of you know I’ve spent some time researching POD publishers prior to starting this blogsite. I said all along that I would allow the site to develop on its own merits, effectively letting it ‘have its head’. In tandem, I’ve written articles here about many POD topics, relevant and I hope helpful to […]

Amazon/Booksurge – Washington State Attorney General’s Response

Kristin Alexander, Seattle Media Relations Manager, has responded to Angela Hoy of Writersweekly regarding the current issue with Amazon/Booksurge. This appears to be the first formal response regarding the questions raised by authors and POD publishers in relation to the legalities/anti-trust laws in the United States. From the enclosed communication to Angela Hoy, the Attorney […]

AuthorHouse & IUniverse Jump Ship to Booksurge

There are no details on the deal both AuthorHouse and IUniverse have done with Amazon/Booksurge, but they are the first of the big hitters to jump from the good ship Ingram/Lightning Source. It remains to be seen exactly how these publishers will deal with the issue of Ingrams and distribution. The issue here is that […]

Ingram Book Group Respond to Amazon POD strategy

Following Amazon Corporate’s statement to ‘Interested Parties’, John Ingram of the Ingram Group and parent company of Booksurge’s rival Lightning Source, issued a statement from John Ingram about the concerns their publisher costumers are expressing to them. John Ingram said, while “the questions that are being raised about and its Booksurge division don’t directly […]