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Self-publishing is a complex niche that forces authors to deal with all sorts of barriers and challenges. The industry has become extremely competitive, with the number of reported self-published titles going well over 1 million.

No matter how skilled or experienced you might be, there are always a lot of new things to learn and cutting-edge trends to follow in this field. In such circumstances, the only reasonable advice is to keep track of the key opinion leaders and embrace the state of art self-publishing tips.

In this post, we will show you 10 valuable self-publishing blogs that successful authors should read in the long run. Let’s take a look!


  1. The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn is one of the key authorities in the self-publishing domain. It’s hard to imagine a successful writer who is not interested in this blog because the author, Joanna Penn, is covering even the smallest subjects related to self-publishing.

What can you learn from The Creative Penn? The list of topics is long and all-encompassing:

  • How to write a novel
  • How to write non-fiction
  • The basics of self-publishing
  • Marketing
  • How to develop a genuine author mindset

Joanna discusses these and many other topics very thoroughly, not leaving room for any misinterpretations or misunderstandings.


  1. The Self-Publishing School

If you are a beginner-level author who wants to discover the most important aspects of the business, then you might as well start with The Self-Publishing School. It’s a precious resource for every content creator as it includes hundreds of inspiring blog posts.

Jake Gardner, a blogger at the best assignment help agency, claims that the Self-Publishing School is the most comprehensive blog out there: “You can use it to learn about everything from publishing to brand building. Besides that, the portal contains tons of valuable features such as the book profit calculator or writing guides.”


  1. Alliance of Independent Authors

The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLI) has been developed as the so-called self-publishing advice center for all of you Indie authors. It started as a blog page, but it quickly turned into a huge database of resources like podcasts, guidelines, eBooks, conferences, webinars, and many more.

What we love about ALLI is the publishing calendar that allows you to stay up to date with the latest releases and the content they are about to post online. At the same time, you can become the official member of ALLI and enjoy more than 20 highly practical benefits.


  1. Authority.pub

Authority.pub is a precious online learning resource with hundreds of quality blog posts. The most important advantage of this blog is the fact that it successfully combines two aspects of self-publishing: content creation and sales strategies.

With this platform at your disposal, you’ll get to learn how to write faster and more productively, but you’ll also figure out how to promote your works and boost sales. Authority.pub is also known for its lists of writing tools, prompts, and tips.


  1. A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing

Joe Konrath is considered to be one of the true pioneers and first success stories of self-publishing. He returned the favor to the self-publishing industry by creating a blog entitled A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing.

No matter who you are or what you write about, you can find it all there. The blog is packed with top-notch articles dedicated to bloggers, independent authors, dissertation writing service professionals, content creators, and all other individuals suffering from scribomania.

Although being an expert writer, Joe discusses even the simplest topics such as proofreading, spelling, and punctuation.


  1. Goins Writer

Goins Writer is a blog created by Jeff Goins, a popular self-publishing figure with years of relevant industry experience. The purpose of Jeff’s blog is to help people to find inspiration within and start developing their ideas.

Here’s how Jeff explains it: “Whether you have a business idea, a book in you, or some other project you want to start, my goal is to help you get that work out of you and into the world.”

Many self-publishers love Goins Writer because the platform is easy to use and filled with simple yet practical writing tips and suggestions.


  1. Book Launch

Tim Grahl’s blog page entitles Book Launch is exactly what you expect it to be – a rich source of incredibly useful self-publishing instructions. Tim has a lot of experience with bestseller projects, helping dozens of authors to publish novels and attract thousands of readers quickly.

Keep in mind that Book Launch is not for shy and unconfident individuals. On the contrary, it’s a perfect resource for self-publishing talents who want to launch bestselling works and skyrocket their careers instantly.


  1. Kristen Lamb

Kristen Lamb is yet another prominent figure in the field of publishing, so you might as check out her articles about writing and marketing a book. Kristen puts an emphasis on digital marketing, so it’s not surprising to learn about her bestseller called “We Are Not Alone – The Writer’s Guide to Social Media and Are You There, Blog? It’s Me, Writer.” Her style is straightforward and easy to digest, which makes the blog ideal for authors of all interests and skill levels.


  1. Self-Publishing Formula

Mark Dawson is yet another author who decided to launch his own blog about writing and self-publishing. The blog called Self-Publishing Formula is essentially a story about Mark and his journey to the stars of independent publishing.

Reading Mark’s posts, you get to learn all those tips and tactics that helped him to become the bestselling author who sold more than two million copies in the last few years. Besides blog posts, you can find tons of other resources such as podcasts, writing apps, and courses.


  1. Z Books

If you need technical support while creating an eBook, then you might find Z Books to be an extremely useful platform. This blog offers you a wide range of suggestions on how to plan eBooks, design covers, format the text, prepare for publishing, and many more. It’s a comprehensive guide that allows you to do all the eBook-related work on your own.



Self-publishing is not an inert industry, but rather a highly dynamic and ever-changing niche. It forces you to keep track of the latest trends and embrace the most promising tactics writing- and marketing-wise.

In this article, we discussed 10 valuable self-publishing blogs that successful authors should follow in the long run. Have you ever read any of these resources? Do you know other interesting self-publishing blogs? Share your thoughts in comments – we would like to learn more about your favorites and personal preferences.



Joe McLean is a dedicated, full-time freelance writer and he has the busiest schedule you can imagine due to the popularity he enjoys online. Even so, he still manages to work at his own pace and have an amazing social life. Now he works as the remote consultant with law assignment help, sometimes he helps with the blog content.


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