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As a writer, it can be tempting to sign up for every writing blog you see. After all, you want to seek out as much information and advice as you can. You want to open your email, see a new post from one of your subscriptions, and be inspired. But how often do those emails go unopened? How often do you read the subject line, and skip or immediately delete the email because you already know what to expect from that blogger?

It’s challenging to find writing blogs that are truly unique and interesting. It’s even more challenging to find blogs that are consistently inspirational and helpful. So, here are 10 underrated writing blogs that you should start reading today.


  1. Littlezotz.com

As a freelance writer herself, Lauren Tharpe offers helpful tips for freelancers, free ebooks about becoming a freelancer, and even video messages. Her blogs are witty and humorous. You might get so lost in her writing that you’ll forget you’re learning something.

Sample: 16 Red Flags: Say “No!” To That Potential Client


  1. ErikaNapoletano

Reading Erika Napoletano’s blog is like talking to a friend: a foul-mouthed friend who doesn’t sugar coat a thing. She is an award-winning author hoping to help other writers break through the clutter and really make a difference in their writing. Sign up. You won’t regret it.

Sample: Hard Truth: You’re The Problem


  1. AskPetersen

AskPetersen provides a wide variety of resources to help write better essays. There are articles about study guides, essay samples, writing tools and resources, and even a section for writing life hacks.

Sample: The Hook: How to Grab Readers into Your Writing


  1. The Copybot

The Copybot is a no nonsense, streamlined blog that teaches readers how to write better, more compelling copy. Founder Demian Farnworth wants his readers to break through all the “noise” that is so prevalent in web and sales copy to create engaging posts that actually sell.

Sample: Will People Read Your Copy If You Ignore Their Objections?


  1. Guide To Literary Agents

This blog provides excellent resources to help you find a literary agent, write a query letter, and submit your manuscript. There are also useful tips on the writing process.

Sample: 7 Literary Agents Seeking Fantasy Novels Now


  1. Get Gutsy

In her blog Get Gutsy, Jessica Lawlor inspires writers to bring out their risky and adventurous side. Not only does the blog provide inspiration and motivation, but it also offers practical tips to help writers achieve their goals.

Sample: Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You

Sample: Why I Wake Up At 5 A.M.


  1. Itstartswith.com

Sarah Peck is a Communications expert, yoga enthusiast, and content strategist. Her blog offers a free 8-week writing course, as well as tips for yoga and mindfulness. There’s even some analysis of marriage success rates based on the writing of Kurt Vonnegut. There’s truly something for everyone.

Sample: What Are The Best Books On Life And Meaning You Should Have A Copy Of?


  1. Writehacked.com

This blog by Nick Thatcher contains both articles and podcasts addressing the process of becoming a writer, marketing, self-publishing, and ultimately making a living as a writer.

Sample: 10 Ways To Inspire Your Writing


  1. Writers-network.com

Writer’s Network is a place where writers and poets can come together to share their work, get feedback and advice, and get to know other writers. There are writing prompts, challenges, contests, and a forum for people to post their own topics.

Sample: Writing Prompts

Sample: Review and Critique Writing


10. International Freelancers Academy

The simple goal of International Freelancers Academy is to teach freelance writers how to grow their business, make more money, and improve their writing. Ed Gandia and Pete Savage post articles and podcasts for writers.

Sample: A Hiring Manager Explains What He Looks For In A Freelancer


These blogs all offer something unique to help you in your writing career. Some will give you practical tips to achieve concrete goals. Others will offer inspiration and motivation to make big changes in your life or pursue new goals. And some will just offer entertainment and commiseration. But all of them will offer something you will absolutely want to read. And they certainly won’t be passed over or deleted when they arrive in your inbox once a week. Happy reading!


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